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3 Reasons People Choose Solar

There are three main reasons people in Montana are flocking to solar; saving money, energy independence, and environmental stewardship. All three are great reasons to pursue solar and all three of them have their perks. Below I will address these reasons and hopefully bring some clarity as to why Solar can have such an impact on Montana’s energy profile. 

Reason 1: Saving Money!

It is no secret that utility companies raise rates. In fact, national rates double on average every 18 years! There is no way to control utility costs from the consumer standpoint. When someone is supplied power from the utility company they are in a Renter/Landlord scenario. A landlord can raise rents whenever they want, and the renter pays the rent. Simple right! There is a better way. Just like renters who buy a home to get rid of the renter/landlord dynamic, homeowners can get rid of their utility cost increases with Solar.

Solar has a fixed cost; it does not increase over time like the utility company. Solar is the lowest cost per Kilowatt hour energy producer over the long term. Solar will faithfully supply your home with the same power as the utility company but this time you are in control. No more cost increases mean that the longer a homeowner has solar, the more money they are saving versus the utility company! 

Reason 2: Energy Independence

When we are supplied power from a Utility company, we are dependent upon them for our energy needs. When the power goes out, it goes out. These are not deep revelations but rather simple truths. Homeowners who install solar not only get the benefit of saving money, but also have more independence than their neighbors. Solar homeowners produce their own power. There are many ways that power can be used, stored, or even exchanged with the utility company but ultimately solar homeowners are not solely reliant upon their utility companies. A little independence feels pretty good, doesn’t it? 

Reason 3: Environmental stewardship

All energy comes from somewhere. Every power plant has an environmental cost, some have more, some have less but they all have a cost. Last time I  checked the sun was completely free. Installing solar in your home will not solve all of the world’s problems but it is a good step in the right direction. The neatest part about solar being clean energy is that you don’t even have to agree with that sentiment to still have solar and save money. Whether you want to “Go Green” or just save green, solar is a fantastic choice.

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